Me volunteering on a whale research boat in the San Juan Islands.


About Pam

I've been creating since I was a young child. One whole summer was spent with my brother, building an entire city out of clay, which even included tiny pieces of popcorn for zoo animals and a shark that looked like Jaws attacking a small boat in our little pond. My mom was OK trading clay restocking trips for a quiet summer.

Growing up in the Pacific Northwest gave me a great appreciation for the outdoors, wildlife and especially the ocean. I've always imagined the magical world that exists in the deep waters. My love for whales has led to a decade of educating people about them and assisting with research projects.

I love to tap into a magical and whimsical world though my art and to take my viewer where imagination is limitless. Thank you for stopping by to visit my work - I hope you find something to lift your spirits and ignite your sense of fun!