The Ideal Art Studio Space

THE VISION:  I've always envisioned that my art studio would look like something that might be featured on the Martha Stewart show. Highly organized which each supply in its place. I have an extra bedroom in my house set aside to create this dream studio.

THE REALITY:  I don't like being closed in a room upstairs. I want open space and I like to spread out. I want to be able to see many projects and supplies at the same time as I am creating. The spot best suited to this happens to be our kitchen table. Of course the auxiliary supply cart is now parked nearby!

The Kitchen Studio

The Kitchen Studio

So as my vision of the perfect working space has evolved I have discovered that what really matters is that I show up to work, enjoy the process and be thankful for the opportunity to create. And, thankful for a family that doesn't mind eatting dinner on their laps some evenings!

Do you have a special place where you go to create or dream? I'd love to hear from you!